Welcome to The Balerion Gambit
A Warhammer 40k Only War Campaign.

In this game you will be playing a squad from an infantry regiment specializing in stealth, scouting and infiltration.

Your squad has been formed for a long-term mission beyond the reach resupply and reinforcement. The mission will take you into a system that is currently trapped beyond a warp storm, and has been for fourteen years. The system, known as the Balerion System has been classified by the Administratum and Sector Lord as “In Rebellion”.

You will be on your own with the best available maps and intel (though admittedly out of date). You will be given the best equipment the regiment can muster, while also allowing for maximum maneuverability. Results are the goal and standard procedure is not as stringent for the purposes of this mission, this is the say that your results may justify some non-regulation tactics. Should you succeed in preparing the system for the warp storm’s approaching abatement (See: Preparing: Prepared to submit to the Sector Lord and Imperial Rule), your regiment will be offered the opportunity to retire in this system, and as individuals you will be heroes will all accompanying rewards. Your regiment has taken heavy losses in the years since the founding, with less than five thousand of your regiment still living. Your colonel has made it clear that the regiment’s best hopes for an end to a life full of fighting and loss, go with you.

The Balerion Gambit