Assessed Threats, Exterior

1) Tyrannid Hive Fleet Maladicus, inbound twenty (20) standard months from this operation.

2) Raiding Dark Eldar Forces

3) Tau Religious Organization, with accompanying military force

4) Rogue Trader Organizations, as of yet unknown, bound to subjugate Balerion before Imperium can instill rule. By law this would grant them sovereignty, under the High Lords of Terra, but could be detrimental to the usefulness of the Balerion System and the well-being of it’s populace. Unknown inbound time.

5) Inbound Puritan Inquisitorial Forces, suspected to have an inclination to simply burn most of the system for heresy. Would lose the lion’s share of a valuable resource to this (possibly) needless destruction. Still ten (10) weeks behind, tied up in red-tape and warp transit.

6) It should also be noted that this system could attract the attention of Chaos Forces or a larger Tau Expedition due to its strategic value, though there is no intel to this end at this time. This system could also be host to one of the tomb worlds of the Necron xenos, though this is also an as of yet unverified assessment.

Assessed Threats, Exterior

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