Assessed Threats, Interior

1) Godwyn Shrike, Lord Balerion of the Balerion System

2) Malcolm Tezzeret, Admiral of the Balerion System Navy

3) (Former I. Guard, Mutiny) Vance Raspero, Lt. Colonel of the Iron Hawks (Heavy Infantry Regiment)

3A) (Former I. Navy, Mutiny) Elwyn Raspero, Captain of the Imperial Navy Frigate Bounty of Stavvos

4) Unverified Chaos Cults most likely operating from a power hub near, but not within the capitol.
Magenta Level Advisement: It is the assessment of Tacticae and Intelligence divisions that the Capitol is likely to be extensively policed. This is the habit of rebel governors, and would lead to a cult’s formation being very difficult.
Vermillion Level Addendum: It should be noted that if the cult is build around the Lord Balerion then this is almost certainly a faulty advisement. Take into consideration, and may the Emperor protect.

Assessed Threats, Interior

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