• Mixed Feature (Formerly) Imperial World


  • 515,000,000

Notable Features:

  • Muster Grounds for Balerion System Imperial Guard Regiments
  • Notable for its geography of flats and steppes, which has made it ideal for rural settlement.
  • While not possessing the lush atmosphere of either Rith or Verdantus, Cicero is the system’s second largest grain exporter, after Rith.
  • Two large Metallurgy and Guild Mechanicus Academies, for training of novices and adepts. Each of these academies is accompanied by a handful of small fabrication facilities. These facilities support both Tolaria’s Armored Vehicle Facilities and the Gemini Shipyards.
  • Capitol: Serendair
  • Secondary Population Centers: Sorbold, Lirin, Cymria and the Ruins of Rhakshas


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