• Oceanic Planet, largely uninhabitable


  • <5,000

Notable Features:

  • Crake Tertius: Oceanic Outpost of the Magos Biologis
  • Crake Tertius is the primary research facility for the various Magos Miologis outposts. These outposts exist on Klaros, Monsan, Verdantus, Shiv and Crake. While their research is not published, they have produced advances in medicine and muscle grafting that are used throughout the Imperium. This is notable, as their research is in its early stages, having been only present in-system for 40 years prior to the development of the Warp Storm.
  • Despite possessing the largest oceanic surface in-system, Crake has only small samplings of the Reefs which seem to be unique to the Balerion System.
  • Besides Crake Tertius, and a small handful of other outposts, the only other settlement is a small joint Navy-Guard Facility near the equator. On last report, this facility was used for marine-assault training and research.


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