• Secondary Agri Planet


  • 24,000,000

Notable Features:

  • Cathedral to Saint Balerion, second only to the main Cathedral on Balerion. This is the site of his landing in-system. Saint Balerion had been sent as part of the diaspora from Terra, but was caught by the fickle warp for five years and deposited before Rith. Only it’s natural abundance and the assistance of the local proto-human’s accounted for the crew’s survival.
  • Spaceport Borea, once used as a last stop before exiting the system. Now assumed to be in some disrepair or disuse due to there being no inter-system departures in 24 standard years.
  • The Great Yavi Reef. This feature covers 1/3 of the surface of Rith, and is the primary reason for its verdant environment. The aggression, radiation, and heat absorption of this fungal reef have baffled scientists of all stripes. The Yavi Reef provides rudimentary sustenance for those living on Rith, being itself high in protein and digestible with only minor cooking. It also absorbs the solar heat, allowing for a warm and lush climate, ideal for crop production.
  • Rith provides for wholly half of the produce and livestock consumed in the Balerion system. Despite this fact, it is expected to be under-garrisoned due to the nearby presence of the Geronimo Platform. For all it’s production, the system nobility (and hence the local governments) place more importance on Verdantus, where more specialized crops can be found.
  • The southern tip of the main continent is home to the system’s largest primeval forest, which has largely been left untouched due to the reverence granted it by the Ecclesiarchy. The forest, known today as the Maccabees, was the site of the proto-human culture’s welcome and bonding with Saint Balerion’s expeditionary force. It is also home to a small, but spiritually vital shrine.
  • Capitol City: Muir
  • Secondary Population Centers: Secondus and Port Renfrew
  • Primarily Coastal Settlement, with interiors farmed en mass.

Mission Details
You will be landing somewhere North by Northwest of the Maccabees Forest. There is a small PDF outpost a few miles from the Maccabee Shrine. Hopefully the outpost is undermanned or abandoned, as their equipment will be vital to allow you to reach Hive Muir.

From Hive Muir, we have a contact within the local Arbites who may be able to get you interstellar transportation. Rayna Jallis was last known to be Division Captain for Precinct 7 of Muir, covering the docks and coastal egress. When meeting, protocol is to pin one of the lily’s local to the Maccabean Forest into your jacket and greet her “Jayna, when did you last walk in the forest?”. Following this, and provided you have achieved some privacy, present her with the sealed papers from Lord Commander Francos.

An old associate of Lord Commander Francos, Captain Jallis should be able to link you up with any other resistance or support in the area. Her assistance is vital if you mean to get off world, and if we are to provide any support.


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