• Primary Agri Planet


  • 17,000,000

Notable Features:

  • Monument Promenade to Saint Balerion. The Promenade is surrounded on one side by the Administratum buildings for Verdantus, gilded in emerald and silver. On the other side of the Promenade is His Divine Hand, the foremost sculptural school and library.
  • Famed Vineyards in the Steps
  • The Great Krosan Reef. Near identical in characteristic to the Great Yavi Reef, featured in the Rith entry. Comprises roughly 1/4 of the planet’s surface and raises the temperature and humidity to levels that make Verdantus a prime agriculture planet.
  • The Maccabean Retreat, within the Otarian Mountain range. The Otarian Mountain range runs along the southern coast. Deep within the mountain range lies a Monastery where some of the original race of proto-humans still practice the faith. There is no recorded picts of this location, though credible sources vouch for its existence and import.
  • Capitol: Daru
    *Secondary Population Centers: Otari and Balshan Bay


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